Day 78: Mitchell to Redmond, OR

3 days to go until we reach the Oregon coast. I can hardly believe it….one step at a time or shall I say one mile……it is quite an amazing feeling to this that we have almost completed our journey. It is going to be hard to say goodbye to everyone. I am really glad Jake came out to ride with us and he is fitting in so easily. I think it is healing for him as well as for us. Another blistering hot day today and the last past on route 126 had very little shoulder and that terrifies me so I was pretty pleased to reach camp this afternoon. We are camping in Redmond outside the public pool where we showered but we have a lovely grass area with picnic tables where we pitched our tent. Ubald and Huey made ravioli and salad for dinner followed by cheesecake and lemon meringue pie….so shortage of calorie consumption on this trip….for me at any rate… cream here and there thrown into the mix……The rain is gently pattering on my tent and somehow I got online… I’m happy….We stopped in Prinville at a Mexican Restaurant for lunch and the air conditioning and the food were excellent. Then we braved a climb and a busy road for the remainder of our day.



  1. Wonderful, as you have been cycling, I have been progressing on the Conference organizing! Our Summit for 650 people is on Thursday and Friday 9th & 10th. Thinking so much about all of you and what an adventure this has been.

  2. Dearest Wendy, So happy that you had a wonderful time. It does seem to have been life-changing in many ways. What appears especially amazing, besides the physical side of what you did and saw, is the company you had and enjoyed. How fabulous to test yourself surrounded by people doing the same thing and who are able to support you. Hope you settle down to your life back home, stay out of the sun for a while and be well! Love as ever, Gail.xxxx

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